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Executive Director Update


It has been another rough month here in the Great Pacific Northwest.  Massive fires destroying communities heaped onto a pandemic, sustained riots, businesses closing left and right, school closures, families displaced, political infighting on a national and historic scale. Many of us (me for sure) may be wondering how much more can we take? What can we rally our minds and hearts toward so we can move "forward"? It would be glib to attempt answer that with a platitude.

Life continues to present itself unpredictably in way that has ripped many of us from our comfort zone and what we are familiar with. The reality has always been: We don't know what may happen next, or what dramatic issues we may be facing. So what can we rally to as Leaders? In all of this, all we can really be certain of is our ability to show-up. As Nurses and Leaders, we show-up. We strive to make calm out of chaos. We provide profoundly impactful care on a scale from individuals to entire communities.

It's who we are today, will be tomorrow and every day after. 

You are the faces of courage, grace and grit.

PS: Thank you Moe Carrick, for sharing the concept of "Showing-Up" as a leader. It has stuck with me and feels like a rallying cry as of late. We look forward to learning more from you at our Virtual Summit in October!

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