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2020 is the Year of the Nurse

2020 is The Year of the Nurse!

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared 2020 to be the International Year of the Nurse in honor of Florence Nightingale, born 200 years ago. Across the globe, nurses will be honored and recognized as being the vital link between patients and often the overtly complex healthcare organizations in which they serve.

That vital link should be no surprise to us who serve in this honored profession here in the US. We make up the largest group of healthcare professionals and remain yet again, the most trusted profession in our Nation. For us, it’s straightforward, we are at the heart of care 24 x 7 x 365 from birth to final breath. No other profession can claim this impact on the human condition.

What some outside our profession may not grasp is that nursing doesn’t stop at the bedside. As nurse leaders we are met daily with the gravity of our roles on the advancement of our profession. We are strategic, technical, tactical, socio-cultural, clinical and empathetic, all in one. We serve in the often-underappreciated roles of champion, influencer, coach, mentor, innovator, arbitrator and administrator… the list is extensive. 

This year, we join the many organizations across the US and the world, that are elevating the role of nurses and nurse leaders who endeavor daily to positively influence the health of our Nation. We at NWONL applaud The American Nurse Association’s announcement which included reassuring words about focusing on thought leaders and nurses to engage in ways that promote nursing excellence as well as infusing nurse leadership with innovation to transform healthcare. 

Whether your leadership is in an Academic Institution, Hospital, Corporate level, Community or other creative space, being a NURSE is our common thread at the heart and calling of what we do.  We are leaders who must embody all the virtues of the bedside nurse and their myriad facets and also the intricacy of nurse leadership. As a Nurse Leader, our impact ratio is one-to-many. As this link we shoulder the weight of ensuring the future of our noble profession is not compromised. It is not a weight that is easily shifted or set down, yet it is our obligation to carry to ensure our legacy. 

Thank you, our fellows in nursing and specifically Florence, for lighting our path. It’s an honor to be walking in your legacy and it’s an honor to serve among the World's Finest.‚Äč

Kind regards,
Cindi M. Warburton DNP | ARNP | FNP
Executive Director
Northwest Organization of Nurse Leaders