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February Newsletter

Innovate, Inspire and Influence -

As Nurse Leaders, we are strategically positioned to lead change in complex environments of modern healthcare. The issue at hand is our systems are vastly complex and always "on". The watchword for 2020 is Innovate. We are thus charged as leaders to bring our organizations into a state of innovation.

What exactly does that mean for us and why should I get on board? The concept itself is multifaceted. How do we bring innovation to the forefront of our thinking and decision making? What does an innovative approach mean for our leaders and organizations both good and bad? The path is not clear but certainly, it's moving beyond standard improvement practices.

Hence another dilemma arises, how will we as leaders "who have seen it all before" be influenced to actually take up the challenge? What about influencing others to ensure lasting process and ultimately cultural change, when they have also been through likely a decade or more of "improvement"? How do we meaningfully inspire, ourselves and teams to show up every day and perform worthy of our calling?

Ultimately, all of these facets will overlap and define the environment our current and aspiring leaders will practice in. How do we ensure as we embark on this journey that tomorrow's leaders will capitalize on the challenge and not be compromised by it? Speaking for myself, those are not just questions but mountains to climb. From my viewpoint as a leader, clinician and advanced nursing leadership educator, I'm thrilled we are dedicating time for deep thinking in this arena. This is our focus for 2020. It couldn't have come at a better time! I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible in May at the Annual Conference and Meeting of the Membership.


Join us for the Annual Conference May 17-19 at the Skamania Lodge! 

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