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July Newsletter

Executive Director Update

NWONL’s purpose and vision are to influence the impact of nursing leadership and to advance the future of healthcare.

Our organization was built on a foundation of networking and connecting through face to face interactions. Admittedly, deviating from events where we can mingle, see faces and hold conversations is a bit intimidating and honestly, can feel unnatural.

We are faced with a choice: pivot how we show up or potentially miss out on connecting when we need it the most.

Fortunately, as Nurse leaders, adaptation is one of our hallmark traits!

Embracing the challenge, we are excited to announce the NWONL Virtual Roadshow October 5th, 7th and 9th. This 3-day series will offer virtual connection in real time. After a refreshing presenter session, peruse the Corporate Sponsor Vendor Hall, join the happy hour conversation and reconnect for a little energy and inspiration.

Save the dates! We will have more information to register soon.

I've been hearing from Nurse Leaders via virtual calls, candid conversations, and meetings the same refrain: we are tired, we are still under the constant stress of crisis response and financial recovery effort, and we are preparing for the new normal, not returning to what we thought was normal.

And yet, what I’ve uniformly heard from our cadre of leaders is what follows: we are enduring, we are resilient, we are mastering change and adaptability, and we will get through this and be better for it…

That last bit, the part about adapting and growing stronger, that makes my heart sing.

You are the faces of courage, grace, and grit.


Nurse Leader Highlight

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to catch up with Jen Packer, MSN, R.N. CENP, Chief Nursing Officer, OHSU Tuality Healthcare. Jen shares candidly how nursing leadership is faring, plus some of the challenges her team has overcome. She also shares her insight on facing a "new normal" and uncertain future as we move through this crisis.
[link to audio clip]

NWONL Virtual Roadshow

Mark your calendars! We are planning an exciting - and yes, it's virtual, event this October.

 Mark your calendars now and look for the promotional emails in your inbox soon!

NWONL Commission Updates

Development Commission

Our July 8th agenda included discussing our recent webinar series, our upcoming fall event, and we've started discussing potential themes. Please weigh in here:

We also talked about a Charge Nurse class scheduled in August with a long-term care focus, and how long-term care leadership challenges differ from within a hospital system.

We've formed a sub-committee to discuss NWONL Awards.

And, our regional council chairs discussed how meeting virtually is going. Seattle and Portland have been holding regular virtual meetings which have been well attended and had great interaction.

Next Development Commission meeting: September 16th

Leadership Commission

July 24th we heard updates from guests in both states. Andi Easton of OAHHS discussed legislative issues related to COVID, Ruby Jason of OSBN shared updates on practice changes, and how the NCLEX is trying to increase capacity. Zosia Stanely and Jacqueline Barton True of WSHA shared what's happening at the Federal level and in Washington State related to COVID including funding for unemployment, health insurance, charity care, and liability protections.

Next Leadership Commission meeting: August 20th

If you'd like to join either or both Commissions, please respond to this email to let me know.

Upcoming Events and Regional Councils