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November 30, 2021

Eastern Washington Council

NWONL Eastern Washington Council  Dates, Agenda & Presenters July 20th – Initial 2021 Meeting – Networking and Roundtable What have we learned over the last year? How...

December 10, 2021

NW Washington Council

NWONL Northwest Washington Council  Dec 10th. 10 am - 12 pm PST
Time, Agenda, Presenter(s) and CE forthcoming. 
Open to Members and non-members who have interest.

December 10, 2021

Portland & Vancouver Council

NWONL Portland & Vancouver Council  December 10th. 1:30 - 3:30 PM PST
Time, Agenda, Presenter(s) and CE forthcoming. 
Open to Members and non-members who have interest.

December 15, 2021

NWONL CNO & Dean Rounding

Please join us Wednesday morning, December 15th from 7am - 8am. Nurse Leaders from OR and WA gather for Rounding on current issues. 

Kindly email admin@nwonl.org to be...

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November 2021 Newsletter

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Oct 25 2021

October 2021 Leader Highlight

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Oct 25 2021

Presidents Message Q4 2021

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November Executive Director Update


This week we officially kick off the Holiday Season and Thanksgiving is particularly special this time around. As I reflect on this past year and the impact on Nurse Leaders across the Northwest, I am humbled and inspired by the courage and strength that persists.  There is a collective "thread" weaved through the fabric of the nursing profession, from academia creating the pipeline for the next generation to the organizations that employ and support nurses and all through the ranks of nursing leadership. That "thread" is a shared experience, with shared trauma, pain and loss. It is also a shared opportunity for the nursing profession to come together with a united voice and purpose. As we go through the healing stages from scars left by the pandemic, and take account of the true impact of workforce and staffing challenges, steady burnout at all levels and roles and persistent covid re-surge, it can be easy to lose the grip on our common "thread". When I reflect on what, who and why I am grateful and thankful for this season, NWONL and the Nurse Leaders that this organization represents is on my list.

I am humbled by the courage, grace and grit that you weave into the fabric of our profession. 


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