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2019 Elections

Submissions are now being accepted for four Board of Director positions for 2019:

  • President-elect
  • Secretary/Treasurer-elect
  • Development co-chair, Washington (focused on Education and Membership)
  • Leadership co-chair, Oregon (focused on Nursing Practice and Health Care Policy)

Nominee Application and Consent to Serve documents can be found here.
The Consent to Serve documents outline the position responsibilities and expectations.

Please return electronically to by August 17th.

To keep our representation balanced, it is preferred that our 2019 Development co-chair represent Washington and our 2019 Leadership co-chair represent Oregon.

View our current Board of Directors here.

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Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our 2018 annual conference. We have an amazing group of leaders, partners, and teams.

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Book Recommendations from Your Board of Directors (affiliate links - benefits NWone)

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Susan Stacey recommends about the social aspects of plagues. The book is witty and fun despite the gruesome topic. Jane Hutcheson recommends about the people who worked to save the artwork during the siege of WWII - story told in the past and present via a worker who is now suffering from Alzheimers and trying to tell her family. Jane Hutcheson also recommends - will really appeal to people from a small town. Follow-up to Nobody's Fool but stands alone as well. Peg Currie recommends. She was surprised to learn how long women have been tying flies. A fun read on the topic.
Julie Ostrom recommends as a collection of short stories of inspiration and strength. Cindi Warburton recommends. It’s nerdy but really good. A perspective on how finance has such a deep influence on relationships – for example, the best insurance is a good relationship with your family, because who is going to take care of you when you’re in need. Contains math, history, and everything else. Cindi is also listening to this. Peg is listening to this and enjoying it. Kelly Espinoza recommends. Set in 18th century. Fun, easy read of historical fiction. Story of one woman’s extremely humble beginnings and the steps in her life from living on the street to becoming a courtesan.
Kelly also recommends - another cute, fun, fast read on how Chip and Joanna Gaines began. Jennifer Packer recommends. A true story about a character named Laura who met a young boy on the streets of New York City and what followed - they became friends and he grew up and became a father. Marcy Holmes recommends. A Young Adult novel about a kid with facial deformities attending school for the first time and how he is impacted and impacts other people's lives. Very sweet. Mady Murrey recommends. Elizabeth Fiegel has been reading with her CEO and leadership teams. Highly recommended.