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June Homepage Highlight - Jeron Electronic Systems

At NWONL we focus heavily on leader development and part of this is the ability of leaders to field effective systems and processes.

In June we have partnered with Jeron Electronic Systems to focus on this aspect of leadership. Jeron brings a significant base of experience and is providing our Member Leaders a learning session via a June 23rd NWONL webinar that will discuss and answer questions about incorporating better communication strategies that bring frontline staff, management, and administration closer together to help reduce the strain of patient and staff isolation.

Why now?

It is no surprise that now more than ever clinical leaders are being tasked with maintaining and improving quality patient care amidst pre and post pandemic protocols. This is precisely what compels NWONL to give Jeron the June highlight. Bringing together the right technologies to create a total solution can remedy communication breakdowns that affect patient and staff safety and can diminish patient experience. Jeron specifically leverages standardized nurse call technology to streamline communications and create successful peer collaboration through alerting, everywhere-access, and workflow can improve outcomes. As we know, effective communications technology is a bedrock of conducting operations and should be a priority for every organization.

Join us on June 23rd

Through the years of experience working closely with worldwide healthcare customers, Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc.  is leveraging significant advances in design and manufacturing technology, to offer a complete continuum of nurse call systems to meet the needs and budgets of a variety of healthcare facilities.  On the June 23rd NWONL webinar, Stephanie Kuhl BSN, RN, CPHQ, LEAN Certified Clinical Education Specialist will discuss and answer questions about incorporating better communication strategies that are applicable in any size or type of clinical environment. Stephanie will include ways to improve the quality of patient care and staff experience through cross-unit staff communication, avoid duplicate technology, streamline workflows to improve efficiency, and optimize existing resources.

  • Follow one of the links above for full details or Pre-register Now.
  • This event is open to both Member Leaders and non-members who have interest.

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Executive Director June Update

Gift yourself a day...

We all know how important rounding is to help get a true sense of how the team is doing or gain perspective on challenging situations plus celebrate and reinforce whats working. For the past six weeks, I have embarked on my own version of rounding with Nurse Leaders across the Northwest. Small face to face meetings, an opportunity to hear how it's really" going and to see a smile in person, a hug... it has been enormously refreshing and welcome change.  No surprise, it's still tough out there and hospitals and clinics are still bustling, people are tired, nurses are getting harder (understated) to come by. I'm hearing a general sentiment that what is needed most right now from leaders is time, and a little free "head space" to step away, reset and refresh, even if just for a day.  

In giving yourself the small gift of time, and enabling your team to do the same, perhaps moving through and forward will become more clear. The mental version of clouds parting and the blue sky peeking through. 

You are the faces of Courage, Grace and Grit.


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