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March 2018 Newsletter

Inspiring Safety Culture – 2018 Annual Conference

Don’t forget to register for our conference in May – last year we sold out! See full details and registration info on our website:

Upcoming Events:
March 15th: South Central Washington Council Meeting
March 15th: Meet and Mingle for Washington State Healthcare Executive Forum – Tacoma
March 30th: Southeast Washington Council Meeting
April 6th: Southwest Washington Council Meeting
April 20th: Southern Oregon Council Meeting
April 24th: Seattle Council Meeting
see more details on our Events Page:

News You Can Use

Opioid Crisis :
The opioid crisis is peaking and along with it, heroin and cocaine abuse and overdose is skyrocketing. The opioid crisis is not the only drug problem that the US is battling.
States sue to end ACA:
There are over 20 States suing the federal government to end the ACA since the individual tax mandate is no longer required, citing that the ACA laws are now unconstitutional.

National Campaign for Action- promoting nursing leadership :
How one nurse leader seeks to grow the nursing profession by mentoring men in nursing and joining the “Nurses on Boards” initiative.

For Fun:
If you need any excuse or reason to move more and sit less, this recent study reinforces the need to MOVE.  Replacing even a 1/2 hour of sedentary activity (sitting at a desk) with “anything” active (walking, standing, taking the stairs) can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Local Policy

HB 1715 : is officially not moving forward. This is good news for hospitals as this bill would have had a tremendous fiscal impact to implement. WSHA will continue to work with hospitals on the implementation of HB 1714 as it remains critical to success of current hospital staffing requirements.

HB 4020 : Extended Stay Center Licensing is moving forward with a amended policy that requires a financial assistance policy. This also helps to align it with the federal requirements  requiring patients be notified of the financial assistance that may be available to them.
HB 4005 : Prescription Drug Price Transparency, moving forward in the ways and means committee.
HJR 203 : Health Care as a Right to be added into the Oregon Constitution, did not move forward.

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