Mailing Address:

4000 Kruse Way Pl
Suite 2-100
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

About Us

Mission and Values

To advance the leadership contribution of nurses in creating health care solutions to serve our communities.

The mission of NWone is advanced consistent with 6 Core Principles:

1. Speaking with one voice
2. Drawing on the power of partnerships
3. Embracing courage, innovation and risk taking
4. Demonstrating a spirit of abundance and generosity
5. Acting with integrity
6. Building tomorrow’s leaders

Strategic Plan Priorities:

Development of Future Leaders

Enhancing Organizational Viability

Fostering Healthful Practice Environments

Advancement of Evidence Based Administrative and Clinical Practice

Fostering Proactive & Strategic Nurse Leader Involvement with Regulatory & Legislative Activity in the Northwest

NWone functions in compliance with its Bylaws, Policies and Procedures and sets priorities through its strategic planning process. The organization maintains a rolling strategic plan which is reviewed by the Board of Directors each year, and is used as the foundation to set the next year’s priorities and goals, such that there is year to year cohesion in the work of the association.