Conference Guidelines and Cancellation Policy

Update 03/20/2020:

The 2020 Annual Conference and Meeting of the Membership is currently on hold until the CDC approves and government will allow renewed large group meetings and the NWONL Board and Council Leadership, the Skamania Lodge Leadership and Corporate Partners all agree on a future date that is optimal for all stakeholders. 

General Information About our 2020 Conference 

What about Cancellation, Refunds and Substitutions?

We understand wholeheartedly the complexity of our roles as healthcare leaders and the often and unfortunate constraints placed upon us by our duties that impact our planning… we know it can also impact your attendance. Cancellations are rare but they affect all attendees and stakeholders so we please ask that you communicate with us directly at as soon as possible to cancel. Cancellation period has been extended due to the unknown impact of the COVID-19 virus epidemic: Cancellations will be granted and refunded less a $50 payment vendor transaction fee with a simple request up to two weeks prior to the rescheduled conference. Send your request to and your refund will be handled immediately. We are financially committed to Skamania Lodge by contract for both lodging and meals and our Keynote and Endnotes for professional fees and travel expenses. These we cannot fulfill without your support. Therefore two weeks prior to the rescheduled date, cancellations are not refundable so we may fulfill our obligations. Substitution? Yes! You may substitute and it is common to do so, just contact so we can prepare badges and materials in advance. The earlier you let us know the smoother it will go!

Corporate Partner and Exhibitor Cancellation Policy

Our Corporate Partners and Exhibitors are a fundamental part of our ongoing success, we cannot thank you enough for your support! Please ensure you are able to commit to conference attendance as we cannot present this conference without your support. This also means we do not have the flexibility to allow drops and changes, hence once your registered and paid those fees are committed in full and non-refundable.

Travel Cancellations

We want you at our Conference! However, NWONL basically cannot control the limitations and constraints of 3rd parties. Understandably any non-refundable travel or lodging expenses therefore are not NWONL’s responsibility. So please ensure that you have travel flexibility, insurance or refundable tickets and lodging options. 

Conference Changes?

We are proud that in the history of NWONL there has not been a cancelation or major change or move of the Annual Conference. While doubtful, there may be situations outside NWONL’s control that drive unplanned changes. Hence NWONL reserves the right to modify or change the Annual Conference location, duration and content to ensure all stakeholders (members and attendees, venue provider and contractors and corporate partners and sponsors) needs are best met. NWONL will endeavor in such a circumstance to notify all stakeholders quickly and consistently and work to find a solution that works for everyone involved. 


A hallmark of NWONL is celebration and sharing of achievements, events and best practices. All of which will be generated at the Annual Conference and subsequently used in both digital and written form. Therefore, when you register and attend the Annual Conference you agree to your image and voice to be used in the aforementioned context. However, should you not be comfortable with this activity, merely notify the photographer or videographer at the conference and please let as NWONL staff member know so we can do our best to ensure you’re not included in our digital and written media post-conference. Of note, we do not share any personal information, save attendee email addresses for a one-time Corporate Sponsor conference email. 

Diversity and Opinions

We are diverse in our leadership roles and vast in organizational size and reach in the healthcare community of the Northwest. The same can be said of our personal beliefs and opinions. NWONL encourages diversity of people and thought, but we cannot be held responsible for individual viewpoints and opinions. We are professionals representing Nursing Leadership across the Northwest and must hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. Please encourage full and robust but respectful dialog at our conference.