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NWone SW Washington Regional Council meeting – 2nd quarter 2018

Directions to Providence St. Peter Hospital
  • Traveling southbound I-5, take exit 109. Turn right onto Martin Way. Turn right onto Lilly Rd.
  • Traveling northbound I-5, take exit 107. Turn right onto Pacific Ave. Turn left onto Lilly Rd.
PSPH Providence Room
Enter the front of the hospital through the Main Entrance or South Entrance, and turn left.  (Note:  if you enter at the Main Entrance, you will pass the Gift Shop and the South Reception Desk on your right.)
  • Walk to the end of that corridor and turn right at the signage indicating Emergency Center and South Elevators.
  • Located at the end of that hallway are elevators to the 2nd floor. Another option is a stairwell on your left (before the adjoining hallway leading to the Emergency Center).
  • If you take the elevator, upon exiting the elevator, turn right.
  • If you take the stairs, veer left and then walk straight (passing the elevators).
  • There will be signs on the far wall to Administration and Quality. Enter that main hallway and turn right.
  • Enter the first hallway on the left (it has an opening with sliding glass doors).
  • The Providence Room is at the end of the hallway – well marked.
April 6, 2018 12:00 PM
April 6, 2018 2:00 PM
Providence St. Peter Hospital - Providence Conference Room
Michelle James