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February 2018 Newsletter


Letter from Cindi

Patient Safety. We hear this term routinely in healthcare but what does it really mean for us as professionals delivering that care? We are already striving to provide optimal patient experiences with quality outcomes. We are actively contributing to process improvement while simultaneously balancing productivity, cost, and budget constraints.

Recent and relevant research highlights the impact of stress on nurses and its correlation with quality of care, particularly patient safety. Multiple sources are citing the importance of nurses proactively managing stress and specifically working to mitigate burnout. By investing in our own well-being to build resilience, empathy, and compassion, we can make great strides to not only help ourselves but ultimately impact the safety of those who are entrusted to our care.

Which is why our theme for this year’s conference is Inspiring a Safety Culture. Join us to find connection with your peer Nursing Leaders across Washington and Oregon as we work together to lead the charge.

Inspiring a Safety Culture

NWone invites you to attend the 2018 Annual Meeting and Awards Conference this May! Join us for a refreshing look at inspiring a safety culture for our patients and our teams of caregivers.

Register by April 13th to receive our early bird rates and secure your spot – last year sold out! 

Have a group attending? You can sponsor a dinner table at the Awards Recognition event with a donation to NWone – your donations help fund scholarships for future conference attendees. See website for details.

You can register today on the website.

Date: May 16-17 (plus our Advisory Council, and Board Meeting, and CNO Mix & Mingle on the 15th)

Place: Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, Washington
Skamania Lodge
Register Now

News You Can Use from Around the Web

NWone, WCN, and OCN have partnered together on a pilot project to examine the demand for nurses in acute care in Washington. An invitation to take the survey was sent back in October. If you haven’t completed the survey yet, please complete it by February 14. There are prize drawings for completed surveys and the data is extremely important. Contact if you have any questions.


Aging Trends in Oregon’s Nursing Workforce: According to a report from the Oregon Center for Nursing, “The number of nurses in their 20s and 30s has increased by almost 20% since 2012.”


New York is the first state to pass a bill requiring RN’s to obtain a Bachelor’s degree within 10 years. The “BSN in 10” legislation is strongly supported by IOM and The Future of Nursing to improve patient safety and outcomes.


Nurse Managers Must Model Relationship Skills: Engaging team members, building connection and working to decrease stress together as a team can decrease burnout and turnover.


As more nurses move from entry level nursing jobs and into advanced practice, outpatient care, professional roles, management, and administration there are fewer remaining in traditional hospital based roles.

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