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July Newsletter


Everyone is in the full swing of summer and here at NWone we are preparing for upcoming nominations for the 2019 Board, the new scholarship application process and strategic planning for next year. The invitation to submit nominations will be hitting your emails soon, so be on the lookout for this. In addition to elections to the Board, there are always opportunities to be more involved in your local regional council and on the Development and Leadership Commissions. In the spirit of advancing leadership, we continue to look at ways to bring education, support and connection to our members and last month we launched new resources on our website.

Development Commission Update:

NWone membership at around 400 members.
2019 and 2020 conference planning underway.
The Fall Advisory Council meeting for regional council chairs and co-chairs has been set for November 2nd at Seattle Children’s Hospital from 10 am to 3 pm and will include lunch. We are working on a CE activity for this as well. There will be a call in option.
New Leader Training Modules being added to Resources Section. Leadership Resources Toolkit under construction in Members Only Section.

Leadership Commission Update:

Ruby James from OSBN gave an update: Oregon has proposed changes to the RN renewal cycle requiring 400 hours of practice every 2 years (verses 900 hours every 6 years) and it is going through the vetting process. Oregon is also considering changes to the “delegation of tasks” where RN’s may be delegating to non-licensed staff and these updates will be forthcoming as they go through due process.
The Washington Nursing Commission will be holding a retreat this month and among their work will be looking at disciplinary trends and complains and what if any impact this is having on the RN workforce. WA is also looking at the Preceptor rule requiring a minimum of 2 years of experience in order to precept another nurse.
Opioid prescribing laws on the national and local board level will impact practice and potential workflows. Examples of this include whether or not it is “required” to access a PDMP (prescription drug monitoring program website) before a prescription is written, or limiting the number of pills prescribed.

Upcoming Events:

July 12: Oregon Center for Nursing Education and Practice Summit
July 13: Southern Oregon Council Meeting – OHSU School of Nursing
July 19: South Central Washington Council Meeting – call-in: “Emerging Practice: The Journey to Psychiatric Wellness” presented by Debra Rice, MSN, PMHNP
Sept 14: Portland Council Meeting – Legacy System Office: “The State of the Nursing Workforce” presented by Jana Bitton

Other News You Can Use:

In a recent article in the Journal for Radiology Nursing, a study sadly confirms that nurses are more likely to neglect self-care to prioritize care of their patients. This may be in the form of working through breaks and lunches, staying late or not getting enough sleep and exercise. Until “self-care” becomes a priority, nurses will struggle with bringing their “best-selves” to work.

The American Nurse Association (ANA) has launched an initiative to promote nursing self-care.

Whether you are a seasoned CNO or a new in your role, these insights are useful and applicable.

Connection, is so important in our everyday lives. Patients also need connection as this article points out. Perhaps there is an initiative in progress or waiting to happen in your organization that helps to make these types of connections happen?

National Healthcare ED has just launched an accredited program, Workplace Violence and Harassment in Healthcare. To learn more, go to “” and click on this program.

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