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October Newsletter

Executive Director Update

Our 3-Day Virtual Conference was powerful!

We dove deeply into what it means as Leaders to continually Show Up when change is rapid, we are in ongoing crisis leadership mode and what can we really do we do about diversity and inclusion. It‘s one thing to read passively about these topics, yet another to engage emotionally and meaningfully. Boy did we ever!

It turns out that that last component, diversity and inclusion is a much hotter potato than many of us anticipated.  There are a spectrum of emotions and reactions when race and diversity is the topic. A common lament that I hear is "we must DO MORE" and "until it changes COMPLETELY, there is no progress".  Add a mix of opposition, from passive-aggressive to the overt, including the current Federal Administration banning diversity and inclusion training deemed "divisive" and "anti-American" because training included topic points such as "unconscious bias", "white privilege" and "systemic racism". 

As Nurses when we palpitate for a pain point and our patient grimaces, we know we are on the right track. Given the vast participation, vibrant discussion, and subsequent after conference reactions of some members it looks like we have certainly identified a pain point. 

Throughout our 3-Day Summit, Moe Carrick, always combining grace with provocative thought-leadership both demonstrated and encouraged us to start with ourselves. To truly evaluate the efficacy of our intentions and decisions. Yes, that may seem like a small step for some. It doesn't‘ have the grandeur of sweeping reform. It doesn't pound fists or push a giant reset button. It is however achievable and foundational. It sends a reverberating expectation to all of those in our sphere of influence: As leaders of change, if we are not grounded and personally committed , all external system changes we are initiating and leading of any magnitude, will likely fail. This is an area where we simply do not want to fail, there is too much on the line.

So where does this leave us? 

We have awareness, we have desire, we have the knowledge and the ability. Our action is in our steadfast commitment which will ultimately bring about the change that is long warranted in our industry and culture.

You are the faces of courage, grace and grit.

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Nurse Leader Highlights

October CNO & Dean Rounding

The CNO / CFO Relationship, CE learning event offered by Kirby Bates with Colleen Chapp and Kimberly Nagy was well attended and much appreciated. Be sure to contact for assistance in obtaining CE. Click here for Presentation.

New Leader Highlight Available

This month NWONL looked inwardly and interviewed Executive Director, Cindi M. Warburton, DNP, ARNP. We asked about the unique challenges that the organization faced this year and what the strategic planning going into 2021 will look like. We captured how the organization was able to quickly adapt to remain relevant. Find the article (plus more) by clicking this link.

Help Us Acknowledge and Celebrate our Leaders

We know you are doing exciting things out there that are worthy of Celebrating! And we have the perfect place to do that very thing in the NWONL Leader Highlights. Send us a quick note so we can be in the know

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Upcoming CE Events

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Using Virtual Simulation to Measure Critical Thinking

This presentation by David Schultze, EdD, MSN, RN, CNRN describes the use of virtual simulation (VS) to enhance the experience and critical thinking skills of new nurses.  VS is being used to define clinical judgment for graduates as well as being used as a tool for educators to measure their success. Register Now

Essential Skills for Reclaiming Your Life and Being a Resilient Leader During Unprecedented Times

Today’s nurse leaders face multiple and significant challenges as they attempt to lead through constant change, increasing workloads, and rising anxiety and fear among staff and patients. These challenges can become overwhelming and contribute to the decline of nurse leader well-being and burnout. In this presentation we’ll introduce you to a unique combination of strategies that will enable you to reclaim your life and becoming a resilient leader even during the most challenging of times. Register Now

News You Can Use

ANA - Do or Don't Take a Position. What do you think?

Its likely many of you are familiar with the storm ANA has whipped up in their actions (non-actions specifically) in claiming their leadership voice in regard to political candidates actions and positions. Since 1984, the ANA has weighed in heavily on the side of healing, inclusion, evidence based practice, scientific methods and continuity of care for all and specifically endorsed a presidential candidate that best embodies the core values Nurses strive to uphold and care they provide. Recently they have turned away from taking a position. Certainly Nurses are not perfect, their legion is constantly working to change and improve... but we (nurses) are the most trusted individuals if not institution in our Nation: Should we be leveraging our power more? We think you should, at the least, discuss this meaningfully and deeply with your peers and at Council meetings. 

Have you read the new Dan Heath, Upstream?

If not then do it ASAP!

Heath yet again is enlightening us on how to advance our organizations. This time specifically by identifying and understanding the "upstream" drivers that are resulting in downstream problems. It's much more nuanced and challenging than you may think. This book is absolutely worth your time. 

Sneak Peek: New Membership Types for 2021

Our Development Commission leaders are working on new ways to help meet the evolving needs of members and organizations. They are actively working on providing both group membership for our large sponsoring organizations and also some novel ways to help new leaders get involved through Mentor/Sponsor memberships. More to come!

Upcoming Meetings and Regional Councils

Councils and Commissions are engaging and excellent ways to get involved and connected with your Nurse Leader peers. Join one!

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