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April 2021 CNO & Dean Rounding

April 21 2021 CNO & Dean Rounding

Presenter: Jennifer Gentry MSN, RN, NEA-BC and Chief Nursing Officer Providence Portland Medical Center

At this month's CNO/Dean Rounding call, Jennifer shared the powerful work that she is leading in her organizations journey of improving RN engagement and a sense of empowerment.  Taking into account the effect that the pandemic has had on morale, she went back to the basics. Starting with ANA's Code of Ethics, a healthy reality check of the current situation, and a keen understanding of healing after a disastrous year, the Leadership team developed a plan to capitalize on Post-Traumatic Growth through 5 Domains. This is a beautiful example of using what we know about healing from traumatic events to redefine what the "Year of the Nurse (part 2) can look like with an emphasis on redefining professional practice, expectations and building a workforce that is empowered. 
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