Northwest Organization of Nurse Leaders News

March 2022 Leader Highlight

March’s Leader Highlight is to share a highlight of an aspiring Nurse Leader, Amber Peterson MSN, RN. The March Highlight is provided to us by NWONL Board Member, James Reedy MBA, MHA, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE. James has reached outside the direct NWONL Membership for this Highlight and notes “As a CNO, I’ve had (get to have) the opportunity to work alongside many outstanding leaders. Amber is definitely worthy of highlight.”

“Amber Peterson has been an ED leader the past 2.5 years at the St. Charles Health System’s Redmond campus. Her leadership mission is to “lean forward and to quietly lead through consistent action, always reflecting on how and who she leads, and always seeking opportunities for self-improvement.”  

In her practice, she fosters a workplace that is ethical, efficient, evidence-based and one that encourages continuous improvement. This includes herself, the caregivers she supports, and the organization.  She “walks her talk” as a firm believer in fostering a team centered approach through trust and autonomy. She defines her success as the “success of those around her” and strives to be a supportive force to everyone she encounters. She carries a smile and a sense of humor to almost any situation and rises to the challenges put in front of her.

Going into 2022, Amber is committed to building, or rather rebuilding, her team this year is a primary objective. This includes both existing and internal plus new team members. As a building approach, Amber seeks to know, respect, and foster her caregivers’ strengths and weaknesses. That translates into enabling a level of collaboration required for growth and learning, as well as tapping into passions that keep them (team) engaged.

The past two years have required sacrifice and a constant switching of gears, from all leaders, and there is a palpable burn out. She vies this as rich ground for getting better. Her approach is making information clear and sharing ideas from her frontline. It includes being consistently willing to talk about the hard stuff. She views her leadership practice as  a “shared practice”, intended to reengaging caregivers in her department, to give them a role in responsibility for making progress beyond just work-flow, but with hands on education initiatives, magnifying peer recognition, highlighting and celebrating caregiver contributions. Amber is are successfully turning the tide after having navigated an unprecedented turnover rate.”

Amber, on behalf of the NWONL Board, we want to extend our deep appreciation for your dedication to advancing the Nursing Leadership profession. We wholeheartedly agree with James’ sentiment and are more than welcome to share our Leader Highlight with you. Oh and James, thank you for your selfless contribution.