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March 2022 Newsletter

Executive Director Update

When we connect, we advance.

Connected. What does that really mean? For many Nurse Leaders in 2022 there is a refrain of disconnect. Feelings of disconnect from their organizations, their teams, and even their calling. Be assured, if your feeling a disconnect, you are not alone. Our organizations are still messy and inconsistent as we regain footing from years of pandemic response. Our industry is experiencing a double hit of historic staffing and new/student nurse placement/preceptor hurdles. We as leaders are questioning ourselves, our why (we do this) alongside our how and what to prioritize. All of these are contributing to our disconnect. 

An early career mentor of mine, in her somewhat salty but always wise council lamented to me as an aspiring leader "Keep looking forward, (you) spend to much time looking down, you'll go down..." It took me a few years to digest that. What it has meant for me is to acknowledge the current state (looking down) but orient to the horizon (forward).  This can be a challenge when our role is focused on delivering in the now (current) state. It is hard to make room for seeing "forward" to the horizon when our measurement of success is the now. A catch-22, it is easy to get stuck. That's where getting connected has unique merit.

We cannot move from a current state if we do not see a way to move forward. Hence the unique value of being connected. When you are making, even small bits of time, to immerse yourself with people and ideas that are beyond your own focus, you begin to "see". You see opportunities, concepts, ideas, approaches, resolutions, motivations, that are not in your current state. You see what you can be, can do, and how it might be done. This is why NWONL is here. It is why our Board, council leaders, contributors, partners, affiliates and members keep contributing to our shared leadership journey. When we connect, we advance. 

You are the faces of Courage, Grace and Grit.

Leader Highlight

March’s Leader Highlight is to share a highlight of an aspiring Nurse Leader, Amber Peterson MSN, RN. The March Highlight is provided to us by NWONL Board Member, James Reedy MBA, MHA, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE. James has reached outside the direct NWONL membership for this highlight and notes “As a CNO, I’ve have the opportunity to work alongside many outstanding leaders. Amber is definitely worthy of highlight.”

Amber, on behalf of the NWONL Board, we want to extend our deep appreciation for your dedication to advancing the Nursing Leadership profession. We wholeheartedly agree with James’ sentiment.

Read the full article here.

Awards and Celebrations

DNP Completed! 
Desi McCue, NWONL President-Elect, graduates with her DNP on May 7th from Boise State University. In early March, Desi successfully presented her scholarly project focused on decreasing burnout in staff nurses and nurse leaders using Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Desi plans to use her scholarly learning to improve clinician wellness and healthcare culture in the future. That is an overtly simple summary and we are looking forward to Dr. McCue sharing more with us in detail, starting immediately! She will be presenting a small component of her work in April's Member CE/Info event. You can find the registration link below under the events section or register here.

New Challenges and New Opportunities
Laura Magstadt, our NWONL Secretary-Treasurer has taken a senior executive role out of region and is leaving us! We congratulate her on the new role and it's opportunity. Laura has provided over three years of service on the NWONL Board. We are grateful for her contributions and for being a steadfast role model of nurse leadership. 

Board Update

During the March Board session, following the 2022 by-laws, the Board has appointed the Secretary-Elect, Bonnie Fryzlewicz to the role of Secretary-Treasurer for the year remaining 2022 and will remain in that role through 2023. During the March Board meeting, Laura Magstadt formally resigned from the role of Secretary-Treasurer for 2022 as part of her move out of the region. Jen Packer, President, will assume duties of Secretary-Treasurer Elect for the 2022 term remaining.

Advancing Nursing Leadership Through Research

NWONL Member Leaders are professionals who leverage applied experience driven by evidence based practice. In our endeavors to advance our Region's Nurse Leaders capabilities, we emphatically request you take some time as a leader to participate in primary research opportunities that are of relevance. Here are two worthy of your time and consideration:

CNO & Dean Rounding Report

March 16th, 2022: "Nurse Leader Influence to Create Healthy Workplaces" was presented by Anne Hansen, DNP, RN, ACCNS-Ag, NEA-BC, NPD-BC, CCRN-K, Clinical Nurse Specialist Director- Asante Nursing Professional Development and Laura Magstadt MBA, MSN, RN,NE-BC, Vice President, Nursing, Asante Three Rivers Medical Center. In the session, the focus was on Nurse leaders, particularly executive leaders, who are poised to influence and direct the assessment, strategies, and tactics aimed at optimizing the work environment to: promote wellness of staff, reduce burnout, and ultimately reduce turnover to ensure the delivery care high quality care. The attendance was both diverse and discussion strong.

Healthcare organizations are facing unprecedented changes and challenges that threaten the structure and wellbeing of the workforce, the delivery of high-quality care, and patient experience. Nurse leaders are well poised to influence the assessment, interventions, and evaluation of strategies to address clinician well-being and optimize the professional work environment within an organization.  While many nurse leaders are committed bolstering clinician well-being, it can be challenging to know where to start. This rounding was intended to introduce Senior Leaders the use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a framework to identify and prioritize evidenced based assessment strategies and actions for nurse leaders to address personal, work unit, and systemic organizational processes that impact the professional practice environment. 

Discussion Points:

Want more?
Consider joining the March 25th CE Event by Anne Hansen, where she will present in depth on the topic: Register here.

Are you a Senior Nurse Leader and to attend the Rounding directly?
The NWONL CNO & Dean Rounding is a focused Senior Leader, invitation only series of panels and guest presenters. It is hosted by NWONL at no cost for invitees. Agenda and presenters will be provided to attendees prior to each event. The objective is alternate topics between Practice Leadership and Academic Development each month. Invitations will be renewed quarterly. Please contact to apply for invitation or if you have a specific topic of immediate interest.

Call for Presenters - Annual Conference 2022

What to Expect
We are seeking presenters who are engaging and interactive, and can provide tangible takeaways. Our members have highlighted topics that they would like to hear more about, reference the list of Conference Focus Areas below. Applications will be evaluated on a first come-first served basis by the NWONL Development Commission and Board with a priority on NWONL Members and affiliates (AONL, ACNL).

Why Should You Present?
This is an outstanding opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with nursing leaders from across the West coast. It is an excellent avenue for building your CV, strengthening your connections and meaningfully networking. Honorariums are available to help offset the cost of travel/lodging if needed and all presenters will be awarded attendance for the full conference (hotel and travel not included) to include CE.

Conference Focus Areas
Focus areas, in order of priority, are below. Ideally presenters are able to coalesce multiple focus areas into one with a intention of moving beyond initial awareness and desire for action or change and into applied engagement based on experience, knowledge and demonstrated ability for Nursing Professions from senior to emerging levels of leadership.

Application Schedule

How to Apply

Member Registration is Open - Annual Conference 2022

June 2nd and 3rd | Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center
Conference Registeration Here

Welcome Leaders!

We are looking forward to our first in-person event since 2019 and welcome you to join us! Invitation is limited and offered to NWONL Members and affiliates as a priority. Northwest Organization of Nurse Leaders (NWONL) is the largest, oldest and most respected regional professional Nursing Leader group in Washington and Oregon with it's Member Leaders hailing from 130 healthcare and directly related organizations across both states. Beyond topical presenters, we will focus on current challenges, lessons learned, strategy for the present, future, and to reconnect. The NWONL events are highly interactive and an outstanding opportunity to network, rekindle relationships and create new ones. This event will include CE for Nursing Leaders, a strong affiliate presence, and support from selected Corporate Partners. Preferred lodging is available at discounted rate by Hilton or attendees if desired.

Day 1

Day 2

Conference Focus
Focus Areas are selected from the the most recent NWONL Membership survey and by Commission guidance include:

Attendance and Pricing
The event is designed to be exclusive, NWONL Members and ACNL affiliates have priority access to the event. Non-member nursing leaders will be offered limited attendance after the Initial Registration period has ended. 

Lodging Options
The location was selected for both comfort and convenience, to maximize our time spent together. The Hilton will provide event attendees a preferred conference rate if lodging is desired.

Continuing Education
CE, for Nursing Leaders will be provided post-event once the session survey feedback has been completed. 

Time Well Spent

Our March focus is connectedness and we highly recommend an article by Rose O. Sherman, EdD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN. Here is the introduction to get you motivated: "A nurse manager recently asked me on a webinar if there was one thing that she could do in her retention efforts with her new nurses that would cost very little money. I did not hesitate in my answer – work diligently on establishing solid connections between your new staff members and your current team from the very beginning of the nurse’s employment". We resoundingly agree!

Upcoming Events 

Leadership Commission
March 22nd, Noon - 1pm PST
NWONL Members. Register for the March session here.

Member Event: Nurse Leader Influence to Create Healthy Workplaces
March 25th, 11am - Noon PST
1 CE Available
Anne Hansen, MSN, CNS, RN, ACCNS-Ag, CCRN-K, NPD-BC leads the session on strategies, and tactics aimed at optimizing the work environment to promote wellness of staff, reduce burnout, and ultimately reduce turnover to ensure the delivery care high quality care. This session will narrow this broad topic, helping to focus on where to start, what to prioritize, and how to take action…especially if you are a new leader. Register for the session here.

Development Commission
April 13th, Noon - 1pm PST
NWONL Members. Register for the session here.

CNO & Dean Rounding
April 20th, 7 - 8am PST
Invitational Event
Agenda forthcoming, email for invitation if not already confirmed.

Seattle Council
April 26th, 5 - 6pm PST
Members are always welcome, even if not in the region. Register for the session here.

Member Event: "Are You Sabotaging Your Own Resilience?"
April 29th, 2 - 3pm PST
1 CE Available
Burnout and resilience are a popular topic and much has been presented and published. This session will narrow this broad topic, helping to focus on where to start, what to prioritize, and how to take action. Join us in the April Member CE/Info event. Register for the session here.

NWONL in Action

February Leader Highlight, if you did not read it yet... 
Our February Leader Highlight is from AngelAnn Smith, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, who is working with leaders and staff of Tuality Hillsboro on "Surge Education Delivery Model for Staff Redeployment". Take a moment to learn from AngelAnn's work: Read the Highlight here.

March's Member CE event builds on the monthly CNO & Dean Rounding focus.
Nurse leaders, particularly executive leaders, are poised to influence and direct the assessment, strategies, and tactics aimed at optimizing the work environment to promote wellness of staff, reduce burnout, and ultimately reduce turnover to ensure the delivery care high quality care. This session will narrow this broad topic, helping to focus on where to start, what to prioritize, and how to take action…especially if you are a new leader. Register here.

New Member Meet & Greet!
Our own Development Commission Chairs and Executive Director met with a new Members from Q1, introduced them to NWONL, its potential and answered a myriad of questions. We want to welcome Joshua Heiland, Calli Komban, Heather Wong, Steve Simpkins, Sara Bergeron, Catlin Patton and Karen Nelson for making the time to attend and learn plus for investing in their Leadership Careers through NWONL. We look forward to engaging with you in upcoming events. Also, a special thank you to Dana Bjarnson for making a special appearance to welcome fellow OHSU Nurse Leaders as well as all Regional Leaders.

Portland - Vancouver Council 
Brought together nurse leaders to discuss the value of supporting new nurse leader development. LeAnn Ogilvie MSN, MHA, RN, NE-BC the Executive Director of Providence Nursing Institute and Clinical Academy shared strategies to set up support and programs that specifically build the confidence and skills for nurses new to the leadership role. The value of having a mentoring program and peer to peer support was also shared and there was robust discussion on how to operationally activate this into organizations where a program does not officially exist.

SW Washington, Tacoma and Kitsap Council was postponed. 
With great disappointment the March Council session was postponed. Mark Campbell, PhD, of Campbell Performance Systems was the featured presenter and we were truly looking forward to engaging with Mark. Mark, if you are reading this, we offer our sincerest and profound condolences and wish you and your family a truly heartfelt blessing. You are most welcome to resume your engagement with NWONL at any time, we look forward to hearing from you when your are able to resume practice.

Development Commission Update
The Commission reports for March that NWONL active membership is steady (expected). The Commission focus for March was:

Leadership Commission Update
The February session encompassed a large scope of activities in our region. Guests included Paula Myer and Jana Bitton. As a member, discussion notes are available on the member website here. Discussion involved:

Career Center Update
We offer our Career Center service for our Members as a way to help them both in acquiring staff but also as they personally are seeking change. We encourage you to leverage the NWONL Career Center as we know leaders and staff from our region most likely stay in our region, Oregon and Washington plus the surrounding West coast areas (predominantly California). Take a look should you have interest: NWONL Career Center. Current active postings include:

Did you know NWONL has a personal Recruitment Specialist assigned to us? Yes! It means you have an extra hand, a recruitment professional that is also a pro in using the NWONL career site. Our contact is Jonathan Andrews. Feel free to share his information with your recruitment team or contact him directly: 

Events and Councils Calendar

Councils, Commissions and Events are engaging and excellent ways to learn get involved and connected with your Nurse Leader peers. Join one!

March 24, Leadership Commission
March 25, NWONL Member CE Event
April 13, Development Commission
April 20, CNO & Dean Rounding
April 26, Seattle Council
April 29, NWONL Member CE Event
May 04, Southern Oregon & Willamette Council

See all events in one place here at NWONL Events

Maximize your Membership

Advance Your Leadership Skills Repertoire 
It is one thing to lead from a position of authority within the boundaries of your own organization. Its a completely different skill set to influence and lead others outside your organization and when you have no positional authority. Yet as we move laterally and vertically in our organizations and regions we must master the ability to influence and lead others regardless of their position and organization. The more you advance in your career, the more the need for adaptive leadership skills. You can read about this, even take classes and get mentoring. Ultimately do do it well means you have to put in the time to practice. Consider leveraging NWONL in this journey. Through Council, Commission or even Board Leadership, you have the opportunity to develop and hone your skills outside the boundaries of your position and organization. 

Expand Your Professional Presence and Add to Your CV
Do you have something you would like to consider for professional presentation? Are you a Graduate or Doctoral candidate with something to share? Do you or your team have a salient project or program outcomes that are compelling? Do you simply want to increase your skills at public presentation? There is something distinctly unique and valuable from sharing your knowledge outside the confines of your own team, department or organization. It is part of truly gaining perspective, feedback and advancing your practice. NWONL has the capability to support you in these endeavors. Submit your idea/concept/presentation/research for consideration Continuing Education Offering Approval Form. If you have something that you feel is worthy but not directly CE related, that is also an option for you, reach out to us via the Continuing Education Offering form (above) or contact us at  Sharpen your skills, build your CV, trial concepts and ideas and contribute to a vibrant Northwest Nursing Leadership knowledgebase.

Stay Meaningfully Connected and Informed
To move from a distinctly local operations focus to strategic and visionary leadership requires being attuned to what is happening not only in your organization but in your community, state and region. To hack a well worn phrase, no organization is an island... When you make time to join and attend Councils, information and CE events and contribute, you invariable are brought close to what is really impacting your community and region. These affect all of us in the Northwest, large and small. As a Leader, staying attuned to the what, where, why, who and how of your community, state and region is a hallmark of an influential leader.

Acknowledge and Celebrate Peer Leaders
We strive to recognize both the little and big events that mark our careers. They all are important in their own unique ways and ultimately contribute to the legacy we will leave upon our teams. Our primary methods is to both recognize strong leadership formally and make it visible to our members. Each month we seek to acknowledge the advancements and contributions of Member Leaders and affiliates though direct recognition at events and our Newsletter and a Leader Highlight. Leader Highlight and Member Newsletter are finalized the second week of the month for delivery the 3rd week, email us at

2022 Goals - a Big Year Ahead


What is Large Group Membership?
It is a simplified registration and renewal process. Organizations submit a list of new or renewing members, we add them and one payment is made for all. In lock-step with AONL, a Large Group Membership discount is also given.Group Members enjoy exactly the same benefits of single Membership in NWONL including: access to webinars, legislative health policy updates, CE opportunities (peer CE is always no additional cost to Members), Council attendance and reference, formal board and committee leadership service potential, research on best practices, first access plus discounts on NWONL’s annual conference, regional and virtual summits and professional development courses. That said, if you EVER have any issues with new Member add or Renewal, regardless of organization size contact us immediately

What is Sponsorship? 
There are Nurse Leaders in our region that do not have organizational support for Membership, for a variety of reasons and that is understandable. Sponsorship is when Member pays for the membership on another's behalf. Its a unique method for rewarding and promoting others who may not be in a position personally or organizationally to obtain membership. A Member may sponsor one other non-member for a year. The dues are $95 and akin to the privileges of the graduate student level membership. Do you want to assist others in getting connected meaningfully to the Northwest's Premier Nursing Leadership network... this is your lever. Simply email us at and we will get you setup. 

Need to reactivate a membership? 
We are not sure if you knew this but, there is no penalty for late renewals, your account will simply "time out" and you will go into a dropped-pending reinstatement status. You can pick back up when your able. 

Having Issues with reactivating or renewing? 
Nurse leaders are exceptionally busy... we certainly don't want to pile on, so email us at and we will take care of it for you ASAP!

Want to renew early? 
If you want to pay early, you can do that too, your membership term is extended for a year from its end date. Of note, invoices are generated 30 days prior to renewal. 

Re-activate your Membership or Renew

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