Northwest Organization of Nurse Leaders News

June 2022 Leader Highlight


Expanding Leadership Outside Your Specific “Role”

Cindi M. Warburton DNP, FNP
Nurse Practitioner and Program Manager
Executive Director, NWONL
Associate Professor, WSU


Cindi, like many senior leaders, you have several roles and responsibilities, Executive Director of NWONL being just one. Tell us briefly about your career to date and how your various roles compliment each other. Additionally why NWONL? Why the ED role?



NWONL supports the idea that Nursing Leaders should engage outside of their current roles and specialties in order to gain perspective and collaboration. What does this look like for you and how have you leveraged work that is outside of your primary focus areas? 



What has developing your leadership approach looked like for you and what kind of challenges have you overcome in your career? 



The Nursing Profession has so many areas of focus and paths for a nurse to take.  What should nurse leaders keep in mind as they themselves may be shifting focus? 


In a coaching moment for aspiring or advancing Nurse Leaders who are considering or about to begin a similar journey, what are the one (or two) things you’d advise they be aware of?


Any other pearls of wisdom to share?