Northwest Organization of Nurse Leaders News

October 2022 Leader Highlight

A brief October Leader Highlight from our Executive Director, Cindi M. Warburton:

For October, we are highlighting some of the trends and thoughts on leadership that have caught our attention: Organizational restructuring and staffing pressures. 

Many organizations are working through complex restructuring as a result of immense financial strain on systems borne from pandemic response. The situation is not exclusive to our region, it is rippling across the Northwest and the US in general.  There is a shared concern by Leaders that the restructuring may make a "bad situation worse" for staffing. This means that “taking care of our people” is more important than ever. It is rough out there and it feel like the very fabric of our industry which is "designed to care” is being stretched too thin.

Still, there are multiple initiatives underway from diverse perspectives looking at how to help organization be as healthy for the caregivers as it is for it's patients. One encouraging movement in this direction are programs that offer a focus on looking beyond the individual to build resilience, and expand it to the work environment itself. Here are two of interest:  Momentum’s “Leading People Program” and OCN’s upcoming "RN Wellbeing Project".