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NWone Newsletter 28 April 2017

Two quick updates as we are hard at work finalizing our annual conference coming up in just a few weeks!

Oregon Center for Nursing presents: “The Power of a Nurse’s Voice” Conference on Thursday, June 29th in Portland

All nurses and nurse leaders are welcome. Register here.  The number of seats is limited.

Scholarships and travel/lodging stipends are available: Travel Stipend and Scholarship Information


Washington Center for Nursing: Sentinel Network Update

 The WA Center for Nursing provided significant input into the development of the Sentinel Survey.  Initial results validate the ongoing challenge of nursing recruitment and retention and have the added benefit of providing information on the demand of other health professions that work with us to provide care.  The WA Center for Nursing encourages you to participate in the Sentinel Network.

Sofia Aragon, JD, BSN, RN
Executive Director
Washington Center for Nursing

Washington’s Health Workforce Sentinel Network is now open for the latest round of data collection. Take advantage of this opportunity to let educators, policymakers, and others around the state know about emerging changes in health workforce demand. Data about health workforce occupations, skills and roles needed at your organization can be submitted now through April 30! Your information will be combined with other Sentinels’ data across the state and used to identify emerging health workforce demand signals and develop responses to changing workforce needs.

Go to
–To provide your latest workforce data as a Sentinel, and
–To view the interactive website displaying findings from Summer and Fall 2016

Data provided by health care employer Sentinels highlight workforce needs, such as:

  • Registered nurses are among the top three occupations with “exceptionally long vacancies.”
  • Increased demand for mental health counselors.
  • Need for social workers to acquire more chemical dependency treatment skills.

Findings from the Sentinel Network are now being reviewed by users such as the state Health Workforce Council, the leadership of Accountable Communities of Health, community college deans and health program directors, among others.

Being a Sentinel is easy – once you’ve registered, completing the brief survey takes about 10-20 minutes for most respondents.

The information you provide is confidential. No individual organization’s information will be identifiable in reports of findings.

Questions? Contact us at or 206 543-9797.

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