Conquering Conflict With Confidence

Conquering Conflict with Confidence with Barb Langlois RN, BSN, MSN

Disengaged employees, hostile work environment, increased sick time and high turn over. There may not be a way to get around conflict in the workplace but there is certainly a way to get through that conflict. What Participants Come Away With

  • Identify potential problems before they evolve to conflict
  • Address recurring problems with one easy conversation
  • Confidently use language that promotes listening and understanding
  • Work more effectively with others

“Just to let you know that your sessions had made a huge impact on my ability to engage conversation without causing the staff to be defensive.  I am much more happier now than I was before and I am enjoying my job more now than ever before.  All thanks to your wonderful sessions.” ~ Ken Liao, Providence Healthcare

“Barb is a gifted and dynamic presenter. Communication concepts were presented in a lighthearted way such that developing ideas for organizational change and group work seemed like play. I would definitely recommend her workshops!” ~ Lisa Jesso MN, RN CPMHN (C) Executive ARNNL